how many times can you hit the spacebar unblocked

How many times can you click space bar?

You can try as many rounds as you want. Just make sure to get your best score (CPS – Click Per Second). According to our big data, the average Spacebar CPS is 6.27.

How do you do the spacebar challenge?

After coming to the page, all you have to do is press the spacebar. Each time you press it, counter start to count. If you want to measure your speed, I suggest you run a timer before starting pressing the spacebar. The Restart button also allows you to reset the counting process.

How can I spam my spacebar faster?

You can try pressing the spacebar halfway down with one finger and gently tapping it fast with another. If you’re gentle enough, you don’t even have to raise your finger off the button.

What is the world record CPS?

14.1 Feel free to try as many times as you want. Make sure to get your best score (CPS – Click Per Second). According to our big data, the average CPS is 6.51, and the world record was said to 14.1 according to Google. People may get a bit higher score on mobile/tablet than desktop.

What is Kohi clicking?

Kohi Click Test is a test introduced by Minecraft network Kohi. The official network is gone but not forgotten. Take this Kohi CPS Test to challenge the community! Please feel free to share this test with your friends, and challenge them! Note: You may try this Kohi CPS test as many times as you like.

What is the world record for hitting the spacebar in 1 minute?

108 The most bounces on a space hopper in one minute is 108 and was achieved by Mark Little (UK) at Butlins, Bognor Regis, UK, on 28 August 2011. This record was equaled by Shane Summer (UK) at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, in Blackpool, UK, on 26 July 2019.

How many times can you press space in 30 seconds?

More By: AzimKod Quiz Plays Hit The Space Bar 100 Times In 30 Seconds 49,474 Click All Of This In 30 seconds 21,688 Hit The Space Bar 50 times in 15 Seconds! 8,943 Hit The Space Bar 75 times in 30 seconds! 8,447 1 more row •

What is the space bar game called?

The Space Bar is a 1997 graphic adventure game developed by Boffo Games and published by Rocket Science Games and SegaSoft.

What is the world record for not blinking?

1 hour and 31 minutes The record for spending the longest time without blinking the eye was set by Anand Haridas (born on December 24, 1983) of Kannur, Kerala. He spent 1 hour and 31 minutes without blinking his both eyes, as confirmed on July 12, 2021.

What is the fastest cps in 5 seconds?

Today I discovered that a guy named Jordan Hum is the world record holder for more clicks in 5 seconds, with an amazing score of 14 CPS which means 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

What is CPS in Minecraft?

CPS is a factor some Minecraft players may not be aware of, but it’s a crucial aspect to PvP, especially online. CPS, or clicks per second, is a metric that measures how many times a player is capable of clicking their mouse in a second.

Can you press one button 300 times?

If you’re planning on cheating and copying 300 “1”s into the box, it won’t work. Sorry about that, cheater pants. You have to press the “1” key as many times as you can.

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