how to get craigslist unblocked

Why is Craigslist blocking my IP?

Craigslist blocks numerous IP addresses daily. That’s because people try to post too many times or write ads targeted at other locations than their own. Your IP might also get banned if you try to scrape Craigslist for email addresses using automated software solutions that make too many requests from your location.

Why is my listing being blocked on Craigslist?

Since the process is automatic, you might get banned when you post too many ads in a day, or send too many connections to Craigslist from a single device. This means that if you are using Craigslist for your business, you are risking your livelihood by being too active!

How do I bypass Craigslist security?

Our top choice as the best VPN service for Craigslist is ExpressVPN. This VPN offers 3000+ super-fast servers across the world that can easily bypass Craigslist’s geo-restrictions and let you check out all listings and advertisements easily.

Does Craigslist block VPN?

Can Craigslist block you for using a VPN? Yes, Craigslist can block your VPN connection. Since VPNs rotate IP addresses, you may likely use a VPN IP address used by another Craigslist user. Hence Craigslist can think you are the same person with different accounts and block your connection.

Which VPN is best for Craigslist posting?

Looking for the Best VPN for Anonymity on Craigslist? I narrowed down the list to the top 5 recommendations: NordVPN – Best Overall for Craigslist (Excellent Security and Unblocking Abilities) Surfshark – Affordable + Doubles up on Security With MultiHop. ExpressVPN – Unblocks Craigslist Worldwide. More items…

Why is Craigslist flagging my post?

Having a post ghosted or flagged means that either a user of the site has clicked the ‘prohibited’ flag at the top of your post or that the Craigslist bots have removed your post due to exceeding a threshold in one of their algorithms.

Why can’t I post to Craigslist?

According to the Craigslist terms of use, you are prohibited from posting the same item or service multiple times in more than one category. Doing so will result in the most recent post being rejected, and could cause you to lose all posting privileges.

How does Craigslist flagging work?

A Craigslist flag marks Craigslist advertising as inappropriate, and if enough people flag the ad, it will be automatically removed. You can also contact Craigslist about inappropriate content – or recommend posts for Best of Craigslist, a kind of Craigslist Hall of Fame.



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