how to get unblocked from skout

Can you get unblocked from skout?

If someone blocks you on Skout, they will no longer see you in their contact list and cannot message you. They can unblock an account at any time if they change their mind of course. What happens if I deactivate my Skout account?

How do I reopen my blocked skout account?

Email their support staff at; Contact their customer service through their online form. Pls my account block on skout and i want to reactivate it….

How do I contact Skout?

Skout is owned and operated by The Meet Group, Inc. If you have any questions or comments about these Terms of Use, please contact us at

What happens when you deactivate skout account?

What Happens Upon Deactivating Skout Account? Once deactivated, your profile will remain intact, but other users would not be able to message you. After 60 days, the Skout will permanently delete your account for inactivity. You can reactivate your Skout account anytime by logging into the app anytime within 60 days.

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